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  • Cordell B. Smith

    I was born in Portland, Oregon but mostly raised in Torrington, Connecticut as the middle child of three. My father has worked for the YMCA his entire life, and my mother is an elementary school Art teacher. As a youth I was very active in academics, athletics, scouting (attained the rank of Eagle) and church/community/family functions. Out of high school I accepted an academic scholarship to Utah State University, where I pursued studies in the pre-medicine sciences and also ran distance for their Division I-A cross country & track/field teams

    I took a two-year hiatus from college to serve a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This turned out to be a deeply rewarding experience for me, culturally, spiritually and linguistically. Upon returning home to the States, I met my future wife Sarah Tanner, and soon thereafter transferred to Brigham Young University to pursue my undergraduate degree. I studied the pre-medicine sciences and chose Spanish as a Major. During those college years I worked as a Spanish instructor and also a CNA at a local nursing home.

    In 2003 our family moved to Philadelphia to enter the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. The human foot has always been fascinating to me, its tiny size relative to the amount of weight/load it’s asked to carry and support; nothing short of a miracle in architecture. I was able to work as a Research Assistant in the school’s Gait Sudy Center, where I studied various foot types and shoe models. Following four years of medical study in Philadelphia, I took a residency position at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Santa Clara, California to embark on a three-year training program in foot and ankle surgery.

    With a growing family and a desire to return to a smaller community, I moved here to Roseburg, Oregon in 2010 to begin employ as a podiatric physician and surgeon. Currently I’m double board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery in Foot Surgery and Reconstructive Rearfoot & Ankle Surgery. I’m an active member in the American and Oregon Podiatric Medical Associations. I enjoy treating all maladies/disorders of the foot and ankle, including but not limited to: Bunions, ingrown toenails, ankle arthritis/instability, Achilles tendonitis, hammertoes, diabetic foot wounds and flatfeet.

    Podiatry and the Roseburg community have been very good to my family and I. I enjoy camping, hiking, triathlons, scouting, speaking Spanish and serving in the Church and community. We have six children, one dog, two cats, eleven chickens and five pygmy goats.

  • Nathaniel D. Keplinger

    I was born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Montpelier, Indiana. I am the oldest of six siblings. As a youth, I was very active in sports, scouting, choirs, bands (playing percussion), community, and church. Following high school, I attended Brigham Young University, from 2003-2009, where I pursued studies in Biology with an emphasis in Pre-medicine.

    While attending Brigham Young University, I decided to serve a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was called to serve in the Rosario, Argentina mission. My mission was extremely challenging yet became one of the most uplifting experiences of my life as I was able to learn Spanish and unconditionally serve my fellow brothers and sisters. Upon my return from Argentina, I was blessed to meet my beautiful and kind wife DeLisa Hickman.

    Following my graduation from Brigham Young University, I was blessed with the opportunity to continue my post-graduate education in Glendale, Arizona at Midwestern University school of Podiatry. I attended many homeless clinics, Special Olympics events, American Diabetes Association events, and teaching seminars in order to deepen my knowledge of the foot and ankle. I learned how valuable an instrument the lower extremity was to our everyday life and how many people struggle with ailments and pain that require love, dedication, and a vast array of knowledge in order to help those patients get back to a near normal life.

    In May 2010, I graduated from Midwestern University and continued my Podiatry education at the Dayton VA Medical Center Podiatry Residency program in Dayton, Ohio. This three-year forefoot and rearfoot residency program continued to build upon my post-graduate education and provided vital clinical and surgical experiences in order to more fully aid in the diagnosis and treatment of many lower extremity issues. I enjoy treating many lower extremity disorders, diseases, abnormalities, and maladies, including but not limited to: ingrown toenails, diabetic ulcers, flatfeet, high arch feet, bunions, hammertoes, tendonitis, and arthritis/instability.

    In July 2017, I graduated from my residency program and accepted a position as a Podiatrist at Roseburg Foot & Ankle Specialists. I am an active member of the American and Oregon Podiatric Medical Association. I have enjoyed living and working in Roseburg, OR and continue to look forward to many years of service to this wonderful community as an active Podiatrist, philanthropist, teacher, student, and citizen.

    Currently, I am a father of five beautiful children consisting of three boys and two girls. As a family, we enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and sports. We love to travel and enjoy serving in our church and community. Together, we have fallen in love with the community and people of Roseburg, OR and look forward to many years of continued Podiatric and community service.

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